We produce original, as well as classically staged and adapted plays. Our productions will range everywhere from theatrical plays, to dance programs, to film festivals.

We are committed to keeping local performing arts alive, through education and collaboration with, and for our community.



We are a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization. Donations are welcome and appreciated.




What's up next for The Drama Factory ? Auditions in August ! The Theatre Event of the Season...


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Additional Event " the monster dash " ; 5k fun run and costume parade 10/20/18

Held at the Contra Loma Regional Preserve in the beautiful hills of Antioch, this FUN RUN will be the 3rd annual DASH !! Come in Costume, Run in Costume.......registration details will be put up as soon as possible. The $25. entry fee gets you your bib, Finishers ribbon and a great EVENT TEE-SHIRT ! Plus..whatever else we can stuff your packet with of IS HALLOWEEN after all....That's why we say to come in costume and run in costume - make it health and fitness for Theatre's Sake !! Please share this event date with all your friends and family, it is great fun for the whole family !!




EVENT No. 2 - Ongoing

 The Drama Factory is 100% run by volunteers who are dedicated to serving up quality arts programs in our community. So far, we have not charged our Actors a Participation Fee for ANY of our productions. We would like to continue this commitment through 2017. Follow us on Twitter @drama_factory and on INSTAGRAM Drama_factory to see where we are and what we are doing .  Our 2016 Season included original versions of " DRACULA ", a wonderful Greek Mythology tale called " DAPHNE " and wrapped up with the second installment of " Shakespearean Death Scenes vol. II HAMLET ".  The 2017 Season began with Poe vs. Maupassant " The Tell-Tale Heart vs The Devil. Two Tales of Terror ". A great evening of two one-acts for the dark of winter...Then we created " The Tale of Basim the Blacksmith & his Battle of Wits with the Shah of Isfahan " from an old Persian story. The season was ended with an original adaptation of ' Treasure Island ' . Pirates and swordplay, how much more fun could we have ? As you can see, each of these productions was original and brought our actors and crew something new to offer our audiences. If you are reading this, please remember that our theatre company would not be possible without support and donations by people like you ! Go to the SUPPORT section, or click on the banner up-top to make a secure donation to The Drama Factory.



We are currently gearing up for fall auditions for




 Be a part of the experience that is singular to Antioch's Drama Factory...

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  Our Productions

The Summer/Fall Production :

We challenge our actors and crew with each play that we do. 

Our Summer/Fall production , like all of our programs, will be produced at no cost to the participants. There is never a participation fee. We rehearse at the Nick Rodriguez on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm. We are strict about the schedule and allow, usually, only 1 absence from rehearsal.

In order to give everyone a chance to be their very best, if a member of our cast is not excused for the absence, the part will be re-cast.



All of our performances will be held at the Nick Rodriguez Theatre in Downtown Antioch. 213 Fstreet.. If you have any questions regarding this production, or in general, don't hesitate to Contact us.


Ages 10+
Roles 20

 ORIENTATION and first read through are on 8/20 at 7:00pm

Minors MUST have a parent or guardian accompany them to the Orientation

 Auditions usually entail some cold reading and a little improv. You need to bring nothing but yourself . We take a headshot, have you fill out some paperwork and in you go !

We like all ages and experience levels to join us. Volunteer also to be a member of our CREW on the audition dates !

You can be added to our mailing list and receive updates by going to the Stay Informed section and putting in your contact info.





The Nick Rodriguez Community Theatre is located at 213 F street in Downtown Antioch. We accept cash and credit / debit office opens 1/2 hour before performance. The Theatre is wheelchair accessable, please let the box office staff know if you need special consideration for seating. Special Group Rates are available....just contact us ! on 10/07/18 we will do a FREE SENIOR SUNDAY performance for adults 55+. Everyone is welcome, but it is FREE for Seniors.
General $10.00
Senior $8.00


John Ballesteros

Mbr.  Dramatists Guild of America


Production Directors
John Ballesteros, Max Ballesteros



Board Of Directors :

John Ballesteros, Lee A. Ballesteros, Susan Myers, Max Ballesteros, Cristina Ballesteros, Roxanna Aranda

Technical Director
Lee A. Ballesteros

Cristina Ballesteros



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What Live Theatre is like......

Mounting a show sometimes seems like what I would imagine flying a mission on a B-17 might be like. At take-off, you've got the coordinates, fuel, a full crew, plenty of ammunition and the payload. You have the feeling you've got everything it takes to complete the run. Then, suddenly, Bandits 3 o'clock. They strafe your craft, taking out half of the crew but you still have just enough personnel to go on even though, now, you have considerably less ammo. Then comes the flack from the ground fire. A hole is ripped in the fuselage and now you're losing fuel at an alarming rate. The propeller on engine No.1 is gone and No.3 is on fire but you are fast approaching the target area which is partially obscured by a thin cloud-cover. The plane is buffeted violently by the anti-aircraft fire. There is a strong chance that you'll go down in flames over enemy territory or be unable to limp back to the Airfield when the mission is complete, but you are just about over the objective, too late to bail out or abort the mission. Failure is not an option. The ironic thing is that you want to score a hit without bombing.


Patsy St. Germaine                    Jack Sneddon

Dean & Margaret Lesher Foundation

The Pitzer Family                      Susan Myers                      

The Aragon Family                    John & Lee Ballesteros